होम Fashion #3YearsWithHopeWorld Twitter Trends '3 Years With Hope World'

#3YearsWithHopeWorld Twitter Trends ‘3 Years With Hope World’

#3YearsWithHopeWorld Hoseok has been able to transmit his passion and his joy to us through this very first mixtape. And knowing that he did a long version of Blue Side to remember that moment of nostalgia makes me happy. Happy Birthday Hope World. 3YearsWithHopeWorld

Happy three years to the mixtape that birthed so much happiness and joy and created a world of its on What are your favorite tracks off of Hopeworld? Mine are Daydream and POP

3YearsWithHopeWorld Twitter Trends ‘3 Years With Hope World’

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The sun shines in the cold and the clouds wrap around, Blue.

Words ‘hobi’ and ‘hoseok’ trends in Pakistan at #1 & #7 while #3YearsWithHopeWorld, #BlueSide & #HopeWorldDay are still trending at #2, #4 and #6 respectively after 4 hours of the release of Blue Side full length version by #JHOPE on sound cloud & BANGTAN TV on YouTube.

@BTS_twt have been announced as part of the performer lineup for MusiCares’ #MusicOnAMission, a virtual charity concert which will be held March 12 (March 13 10AM KST) as part of GRAMMY week!

Hobi has a way of showing his personality passion & love through music while providing such joy & comfort with each listen. Thank you Hobi for making a true magical masterpiece & on the anniversary gifting us with the most brilliant blue side


3YearsWithHopeWorld is still trending worldwide but has fallen to #2 This is still such a great achievement! Thank you for working with us ARMY to make this such a great event! Please keep sharing your #HopeWorldAwards with us as well!

I know I post these like every 3-5 business days but #3YearsWithHopeWorld !!! The album that made me want to create things! Since these are the first pair I ever made there’s tons of mistakes but I kept wanting to make more and do better I’m glad I got the inspiration.

it’s been #3YearsWithHopeWorld. Words can’t describe how much this mixtape means to me & always thankful hobi shared it with us

I would like to thank J-Hope for bringing so much extra trippy color to my life with the Hope World mixtape.

According to the Greek myth #Pandora is carrying a box =pithos(πύθος) which contains diseases,but there is also #hope in the box & that’s why our Hoseok chose it.. #3YearsWithHopeWorld

3YearsWithHopeWorld Twitter Trends ‘3 Years With Hope World’

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