When the Girlfriend saw her Boyfriend with another Woman

A Woman Got Caught

When the girlfriend saw her boyfriend with another woman, she became enraged and made threats to commit suicide by scaling the building’s roof.

climbed a mall for The police had to work very hard to bring him down and send him home.

In Indore

In Indore, a young woman lost her cool and threatened to kill the other girl by jumping over the mall roof while inebriated when she found her boyfriend with another female. The incident occurred in the Indore neighbourhood of Vijay Nagar. The story goes that a girl was yelling on the top of the Orbit Mall in Indore when passersby heard her scream and called the police and the mall’s security. Following a tip, the Vijay Nagar police arrived to the Orbit Mall and, after much work, managed to bring the girl down. After consulting with the police station, he was later sent home with his family. The female reportedly exclusively works for Orbit, so Mail

When the Girlfriend saw her Boyfriend with another Woman
When the Girlfriend saw her Boyfriend with another Woman

TI Ravindra Gurjar provided details on the incident, stating that at about eight o’clock on Tuesday night, information was received indicating that a young lady had gone on the Orbit Mall’s roof while inebriated and was discussing jumping over the ceiling border. Upon receiving information, the police went to the location where the girl had reported her boyfriend’s infidelity to them. In the mall, he was strolling alongside another female, but when she stopped him, he decided to part ways. When the girl gave the police her lover’s phone number, the cops promptly called the woman to the scene. The girl got caught up in the conversation and was eventually hauled down after being grabbed from the mall’s roof.

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